Top Micro niche sites examples|How to make profit ? (Updated 2020)

Hello friends today i am sharing Top unique and profitable micro niche blog ideas .

Here i am going to share top level micro niche domains website or blog ideas.

First of all let you know about micro niche and how it works ?

I will explain you by step by step guide. (Free and updated 2020)

How to choose top micro niche and how can you set up your idea ,keyword research,get traffic and start earning from your blog or website.

Micro niche finder site ideas|How to make profit ? (Updated 2020)

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1. What is a micro niche ?

Ans. A micro niche site is just a name of specific topic or you can say a broad knowledge of a specific topic or keyword.

In this type of websites you are targeting a special keyword and start writing for a special niche . You are targeting a special keywords which results a targeted traffic by which you starts conversion your site traffic in dollars $ from adsense or other ads media or by affiliate marketing.

Google will give ranking for your website and which is easy to montanize for top earnings.

Eg: # Godaddy Coupons.

# Buy Iphone gadgets.

# Facebook marketing.

2. How to choose a micro niche ?

micro niche sites

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Ans. Here I am going to explain steps that you need to do and the success of your niche website will totally depends upon this.

Search for a trending product or topics >start writing> Monetize ads>Start earning.

Niche website is going to work perfect only when you get the right keyword in your domain name.

Do a deep keyword research from google trends or you can use many website for keyword research like aherfs,semrush,seotools etc.

Some of examples for best micro niche ideas is given below:

Top Primary micro niches keyword domains for 2020 that i have searched

  1. Technical niche

  2. Health niche

  3. Travel niche

  4. Food niches

  5. Tools niches

  6. Car and motorcycle.

Tips :- Choose a strong keyword that is searched by internet viewers local as well as global organic searches.
Use: Google trends ,alexa tools etc.

3. Setting up your Website or blog.

After choosing a micro niche domain set up your domain by getting a best hosting provider like blogger,wordpress,wix,godaddy website builder etc.

Tips: Try to get a free ware hosting provider rather than choosing a paid hosting provider.
My suggestion.-Blogger -One of the oldest and biggest blog hosting website organized by google.

Myths : A paid website hosting provider will give you best SEO results and search rankings.

Blogger is one of the oldest blog hosting company started by google. Only the limitation is customized templates and widget plugin which limits professional design look .

I have already shared free tools for templates design and widgets earlier which is free and responsive design which are customizable and easy to use by drag and drop elements.

4. Start writing a content strategy by getting deep research and knowledge on it.

Content strategy is very important in order to get traffic for your niche website and to gain traffic to other post. Now its time to create more content on your niche website.

Write a meaningful and strategic high quality content for your website use long tail keyword for your niche .

Don't use plagiarism content by simply copy paste method. Write your own reviews and ideas.

Start google for similar niches to get best ideas and knowledge on it.

Boost your site on google search ranking by writing at least 10-15 articles on it.

Make Do follow back-links for your websites.

Share it on social media posts like Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn.

Write guest post on other websites to generate organic traffic like Quora,question,yahoo answers etc

Monetize ads or do affiliate marketing.

Start generating revenue.

4. Start montanizing by ads or affiliate marketing.

micro niche sites examples

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Monetize ads from obviously first option from google Adsense,clickbanks or do affiliate marketing.Start generating revenue.

Tips: Start commenting on your similar niche website holders that gives you baclinks for your website which helps you to ranking your website on google that increase good source of traffic visitors that helps yo to generate more revenues.


Get your Primary domain and choose micro niche keyword on it.

Do a strong keyword research.

Get a freeware hosting.

Write meaningful and strategic content by focusing your keywords (AtLeast 10-15 high quality articles.)

Share it on social and start your guest post to make backlinks.(Get Quality organic traffic)

Monetize Ads or start affiliate marketing.

Start earning from you micro niche website.

If you have any queries related to micro niche website or blog feel free to comment and contact us.

Thank You.


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