Top free Contact Form Plugins For WordPress

Updated: May 28, 2020

Are you looking to add a free contact form 7 on your WordPress site plugin?

Every website or blogs holder needs a contact page, so visitors can easily contact to admin of that site.

By default, WordPress does not come with a built-in contact form, but there is many way to add contact forms to your site from other source plugins.

Why Do You Need a Contact form?

To contact admin of a specific site you need a contact form.

Myth: That’s a very common question from beginners because they are afraid that adding a contact form requires code knowledge.

Truth:The truth is you don’t need to explore any code.

This step by step guide to adding a contact form is written for wordpress plugin installation

A Wordpress contact form plugin delivers a handful of fields and drag and drop design tools. It meant to keep your subscribers in contact with you. On other hand, contact form plugins support logic, drag and drop elements,file uploading and submission options. This is in no way to compare contact forms

Custom forms – With multiple fields, options, and drag and drop elements.

Conditional logic – Add,delete,mandate or hide certain elements (like buttons, fields, or form sections) based on what the user need in the form. This also helps to send customers to different services columns.

Communications – Some sort of email communication system that lets the right people know that a new message has arrived.

File submission – Users can upload queries document form. This is also great for asking queries where the user takes a screenshot,files jpg images or media files of their queries and submits.

Responsiveness – You’ll want the form to show up on all devices, big and small and collect data in real time

Spam protection – Forms are made to prevent some spammers.

Free features that makes All-In-One Marketing place is a Great Choice:

  1. It’s free!

  2. Simple drag-and-drop elements

  3. Unlimited fields and submissions

  4. Compatible with other plugins on wordpress

  5. Built-in analytics to manage your analytics

  6. Combined with a CRM to manage your contact database

  7. Connected with live chat and bots

  8. You can export entries to a CSV file format

  9. There is a powerful free version.

  10. Some of the field types include calculations, drop-down selections, mandatory fields.

  11. Users can add their own files to the form.

  12. There are unlimited auto-responsive, fields, and submissions.

Learn how ow to install a free Contact form Plugin in WordPress website or blogs.

For this contact form you should use below mentioned free plugins and easy to use.