How to remove blogger footer credit (Powered by attribution)

How to remove or hide footer credit Powered by Blogger,Sora Attribution Widget in template from your blog Footer (A step by step Guide for free 100 %  working solution)

If You Started a blog or website which is hosted on obviously giant tech blogger (free platform) recently and used some templates from third party website or blogger itself eg.(Sora templates,blogger templates etc) then you must be seeing their footer credits |attribution in footer widget.

blogger footer credit
How to remove blogger footer credit

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Powered by blogger,sora etc in templates attribution in footer credit is not sounds good or professional blog or websites unless you remove it.It usually redirects to third party websites by which visitors on your blog or websites diverts that causes loose of revenue from adsense.

Here you get 100% working solution for how can you remove the footer credits completely from your blog or website. (A step by step Guide)

Please follow these steps.

METHOD-1- "By unlocking attribution button."

Step-1. Login to your Google Account > Login to Blogger > Go to blogger menu >Themes Section and click on Edit HTML.

hide footer attribution
blogger template

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Step-2. Now select "Jump to widget" in HTML menu and Click on "Attribution 1 ".

Blogger attribution HTML view
Remove footer widget blogger template

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Now you can see this line in HTML template design:-

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'>

Remove Powered by Blogger
Powered by Blogger widget removal code

Step -3. Replace word locked=’true’ with locked=’false’ as you can see in picture highlighted text.

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='false' title='' type='Attribution'>

Footer attribution removal step

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Step -4. After replacing keywords" true" to "false" Click on "save theme".

Now you are able to see remove button in footer widget option which is "powered by blogger" once theme saved.
Configure attribution blogger
Configure attribution

Step-5. Once done go to Layout>footer attribution widget>Edit and hit remove in pop-up window then click on save.

layout blogger template

Step-6. Click on save arrangement in layout panel.

You have done well.

METHOD-2 - By Adding CSS code method.

Step-1. Login to your Google Account > Login to Blogger > Go to blogger menu >Themes Section and click on Edit HTML. (Same as mentioned above).

Step-2. Now press "Ctrl+F" in HTML panel a search bar appears and search line.

body {

# Now you can see this line in HTML template design.

Remove footer credit BY CSS code

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Step-3. Add this code : #Attribution1 {display: none;}

line above "body {"

Hide footer attribution
Add CSS code

Step-4. After placing code in HTML template click on save theme.

After this you will be no longer able to see "powered by" attribution widget in footer of your blog template. After removing this attribution you have got professional look to your blog or website Hope any one of above mentioned method worked for your blog or website on removing footer credits in blogger template design.

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