How to find copyright free images for blogs and websites. (Royalty free).

Updated: May 19, 2020


Are you searching for royalty free images for using in blogs or websites ?

Here I am sharing the methods for how to find a royalty free stock images websites having no copyright issues by using them.

If you are a blogger or website designer all you need royalty free images for using them on your website for making attracting looks.

Remember nice photos always attract your visitors and engage them to browse on your website which causes more page views means increase your earnings.

There are thousand of photography services like Shutterstock, Getty Images,iStock etc have figured out how to monetize your need for visuals by offering paid image subscriptions.

But before you budget in a stock photo subscription to your monthly expenses, you should know there are free alternatives for your usage need.

Let’s start with the giant web database — Google Image Search

If you search for any term on the Images section in Google, you’ll instantly find millions of images. There’s one issue, though- Some of them might be copyrighted and you might be putting yourself (or your employer) at risk. But you can filter images by usage rights, which will help you avoid copyright infringement issues.

Method 1- By using Google images.

Step 1. Go to Google Images

Google Image search no copyright
Google Image search

Step -2 . Search for Image you want and go to Tools after setting in upper front menu and click on Usage right.

Search > Tools > Usage Right 

Step -3. Click on usage right and select whatever you are searching for usage permission.

Labeled as Usage rights selection
Usage rights label

Step 3. Download Image with usage permission.

Tips:- Use alt tags for image while using on website it will help to boost your SEO ranking.